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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Included?

The Base unit is a free standing 12-foot pole with a camera and communication equipment mounted on it. JobSight delivers and sets the base unit pole in concrete and removes the unit when the project is complete.

Q: Who Maintains The Equipment?

JobSight owns, maintains and insures the base unit and all interior cameras.

Q: What If A Unit Is Stolen?

JobSight is responsible for the equipment. We will replace or repair it at no cost to you if it is stolen or vandalized.

Q: Are phone and cable lines required on the site??

No, JobSight cameras do not require phone or cable lines at the site.

Q: Do you need electrical power on the site??

Yes, we need 110 Volt power. All we need is a temporary pole with an active meter on the site.

Q: Does JobSight have general liability insurance?


Q: Are There Any Additional Fees?

No, JobSight does not charge any setup fees, deposits or monthly internet charges.