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    When You Can't Be There,
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"I called JobSight last Friday afternoon just after 4 PM with a problem: I had a bundle of decking sitting about twenty feet off the alley in Parkside, Irving. My decking contractor had just informed me that he couldn't be there before Monday morning. We had a lot of theft in that community. JobSight sent someone out immediately. They used a hose and flooded the area around the decking so that no one could back up to the bundle. Come Monday morning, the decking was all still there when the contractor showed up!" -- David Weekley Homes

"I had two bundles of decking on the curb by my community entrance that'd be sitting there all weekend with nothing protecting them. Dan came out and secured my decking with long specialty screws that Friday night! And he came out to remove them on Monday morning! No theft! What a great service!" -- MHI

"Last Tuesday afternoon, my cornice guys called to tell me they weren't coming that day. I had windows sitting there in the garage just waiting to be stolen. JobSight came out on short notice and wrapped the windows with a metal panel and a chain so that not one could steal them. I arrived back on the job at 7:15 AM and the JobSight guy was hauling off the metal panel and chains. All the windows were accounted for." -- Highland Homes

"I've had a ton of appliances walk off the site recently. After explaining my problem to Patrick from JobSight, he blocked access to my Driveway, hid the appliances in closets in the house, locked the garage door tracks, removed signs from the front yard, and turned off the lights. They were all still there on Monday morning. I've never had anything come up missing that JobSight secured." -- First Texas Homes